Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today is...Punkin' Chunkin' Day in Aurora Colorado

Punkin' Chunkin', or Pumpkin Chucking, is the sport of hurling pumpkins over a large distance using mechanical means, most often slingshots, catapults, cannons, or trebuchets.

The world record for longest distance a pumpkin has traveled during punkin' chunkin' is 5,545.43 feet after it was fired from a pneumatic air cannon.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition is held in Delaware and began in 1986. The European Championships is held in Belgium.

In the history of World Championship Punkin Chunkin, there has only been one fatality, a duck that was hit by a pumpkin that had been shot out of an air cannon.

For the past four years, Ada has hosted a Punkin Chunkin Competition, using only catapults and trebuchets. It is the Midwest National Punkin Chunkin Championships. This year's winners were sponsored by the Ada VFW Post, beating out the Ada Police in distance.

What is your favorite way to smash a pumpkin?

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