Friday, October 12, 2012

Snapshot Day Comments

Thursday October 11 was Snapshot Day. We collected comments from students, staff, and faculty about what their favorite memories of the library were or why the library was important to them. Some selected comments follow.

Why the library is important to you:

The education the staff provides as far as assisting to develop individual's research techniques and how to optimize the resources our ONU library has to offer.

I always have a place to print out my notes and borrow DVDs for the weekend.

The library is my favorite place on campus because I can relax, clear my mind, and work on whatever I need to get done.

Closing 10 min early the Friday before homecoming.

It provides resources for papers and a good environment to study.

It's my favorite place to study.

Favorite library memory:

Learning I could take out as many books as I wanted.

Picking out a giant pile of books, checking them out, and reading them all the same day.

Working here with all the great people.

Getting picked up by college boys.

In the comments, feel free to add your own memories or tell why the library is important to you.

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