Friday, October 12, 2012

Today is...International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

A scream is a loud vocalization and can be done by any creature that has lungs and vocal cords. It is part of a collection of sounds known as vociferation, which also includes a shout, shriek, hoot, holler, or yell.
The Scream is the most famous painting by Edvard Munch, though it is more properly the popular name of a series of four paintings done between 1893 and 1910.

The full title of the series is Der Schrei der Natu, which means The Scream of Nature.

The National Gallery in Oslo holds two of the painted version; The Munch Museum holds the other two versions (one painted and one pastel)

Scream is a slasher film starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Drew Barrymore, and David Arquette. It has spawned 3 sequels, all of which have been directed by Wes Craven.

"Scream" is the name of many albums and songs covering a variety of music styles from Ozzy Osbourne (album) to High School Music 3 (song) to Tokio Hotel (album and song).

Frustration is an emotional response to opposition and often makes people want to scream. What frustrates you?

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