Monday, October 15, 2012

Today is...National School Lunch Week

Lunch, or luncheon, originally referred to a small meal taken between two of the ordinary meal-times, especially between breakfast and mid-day dinner. For those who use the term "dinner" as the mid-day meal, luncheon usually denotes an early afternoon meal.

Lunch is now the usual word used, with luncheon being more formal. The shorted form of lunch used to be considered vulgar.

In early half of the 20th century, lunch was generally assumed to be a woman's meal, being as it was a light meal.

The common meals of the day are Breakfast, usually eaten within an hour or two of waking; Lunch or dinner, eaten around mid-day; Dinner or tea, eaten in the evening; and Supper, eaten later in the evening, prior to bed.

Other meals are Second Breakfast, a mid morning meal traditional in Bavaria, Poland, Vienna, and Austria; Elevenses, morning tea; Brunch, late-morning meal that is larger than breakfast and tends to replace breakfast and lunch; Afternoon tea, generally taken at 4pm and includes small sandwiches and cakes; and High tea, British meal usually eaten in the early evening.

Hobbits tend to eat six meals a day: Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenies, Luncheon, Afternoon tea, and Dinner.

What is your favorite thing to get from Mac for lunch?

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