Monday, February 18, 2013

Today is...Presidents Day

Today is Presidents Day. Who is your favorite president?

President's Day is a federal holiday that celebrates George Washington's birthday. It is celebrated the third Monday of February.

It started as a federal holiday honoring Washington in 1879 in the government offices and expanded to all federal offices in 1885.

The first attempt to change Washington's Birthday to Presidents Day was in 1951.

George Washington's date of birth is either February 22 or Feburary 11, depending on if you use the New Style or Old Style dates.

New Style dates use the Gregorian calendar that we currently use. Old Style dates use the Julian calendar start date, which many historical documents are dated as.

George Washington is the only president to receive 100 percent of the electoral votes. He won unanimously in 1789 and 1792.

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