Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today is...Inconvenience Yourself Day

Today is Inconvenience Yourself Day. What will you go out of your way to do today?

A smattering of random fun facts for your day!

The Immortal jellyfish lives forever. After having sex, it can turn back into a child, regenerating its cells. Immortal Jellyfish can only die by being eaten or by disease.

6% of Americans and 25% of Britons do not believe the moon landing actually happened. Buzz Aldrin once punched someone for saying that. 12 people have walked on the moon.

As a commodity, the whole human body is worth approximately $635,000, including all the organs and trace metals.

The brain is 80% water.

A hagfish can turn 20 liters of water into slime in one minute. It can also tie itself into a knot.

Tomatoes eat insects. Tomato plants trap insects in the furry layer of their stems until they die and fall off. As the insect dissolves into the soil, the plant will absorb the nutrients.

A vampire bat is most likely to bite your big toe.

Termites create the most methane in the world.

The first animals to be herded for food were snails in the year 10,700 BC.

Mercury was once used to cure syphilis, though if it is used, it turns your teeth green (and poisons you).

A Blue Whale cannot swallow anything bigger than a grapefruit.

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