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New Acquisitions: August

Action words : verbs / Anita Ganeri
Advertising : concept and copy / George Felton
The amazing Harry Kellar : great American magician / Gail Jarrow
American bison / Meryl Magby
Americanah / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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The art, science, and technology of pharmaceutical compounding / Loyd V. Allen Jr
Back to front and upside down! / Claire Alexander
Bald eagles / Meryl Magby
The battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens : the American Revolution in the Southern backcountry / Melissa Walker
The Bible and colonialism : a moral critique / Michael Prior
Bighorn sheep / Meryl Magby
Bink & Gollie : two for one / Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee   Illustrated by Tony Fucile
Born with a junk food deficiency : how flaks, quacks, and hacks pimp the public health / by Marthan Rosenberg
Brazilian jive : from samba to bossa and rap / David Treece
Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain : a Nandi tale / retold by Verna Aardema pictures by Beatriz Vidal
Build it : invent new structures and contraptions / by Tammy Enz
Bulldog Reporter's Treasury of brilliant digital/social PR ideas : 100 case studies for inspiring high-impact social media public relations campaigns / edited by Richard Carufel
The busy librarian's guide to information literacy in science and engineering / edited by Katherine O'Clair and Jeanne R. Davidson
El caballo / [texto,] Montse Ganges ; [ilustraciones,] Mercè Canals
Can you guess what estimation is? / by Thomas K. and Heather Adamson
The Celts : a history from earliest times to the present / Bernhard Maier translat…
Cheyenne again / by Eve Bunting   illustrated by Irving Toddy
Chipmunk's hole / by Dee Phillips
Climate change : biological and human aspects / Jonathan Cowie
Clinical therapeutics primer : link to the evidence for the ambulatory care pharmacist / edited by Jennifer A. Reinhold, Grace Earl
Comparative osteology : a laboratory and field guide of common North American animals / Bradley Adams, Pam Crabtree
Cronkite / Douglas Brinkley
A day's work / by Eve Bunting   illustrated by Ronald Himler
Deep-rooted things : empire and nation in the poetry and drama of William Butler Yeats / Rob Doggett
Defending your brand : how smart companies use defensive strategy to deal with competitive attacks / Tim Calkins
Describing words : adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions / Anita Ganeri   [edited by Daniel Nunn, Rebecca Rissman, and Sian Smith ; illustrated by Joanna Hinton-Malivoire]
Design elements, typography fundamentals : a graphic style manual for understanding how typography affects design / Kristen Cullen
Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5
Digital culture industry : a history of digital distribution / by James Allen-Robertson
Drug information handbook : a comprehensive resource for all clinicians and healthcare professionals
Drug interactions analysis and management 2013 / Philip D. Hansten, John R. Horn
Ears are for earrings : the sense of hearing / Katherine Hengel
Electricity and magnetism / B.I. Bleaney, formerly fellow of St. Hugh's College, Oxford and B. …
El cocodrilo / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Jordi Sales
El delfin / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Jordi Sales
El gato / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Anna Clariana
El pájaro / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Anna Clariana
El perro / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Anna Clariana
El pez / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Anna Clariana
Essentials of computational chemistry : theories and models / Christopher J. Cramer
Eyes are for winking : the sense of sight / Katherine Hengel
Finn McCool and the great fish / Eve Bunting   illustrated by Zachary Pullen
Fly away home / by Eve Bunting   illustrated by Ronald Himler
Fox's den / by Dee Phillips
The freedom maze : a novel / by Delia Sherman
Frogs of the United States and Canada / C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr
La gallina / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Merce Canals
Getting ahead : drugs, technology, and the competitive advantage / Lori Hile
Girls gone skank : the sexualization of girls in American culture / Patrice A. Oppliger
Give probability a chance / by Thomas K. and Heather Adamson
The gods of Gotham / Lyndsay Faye
Golden eagle migration / by M. J. Cosson
The Goldilocks variations, or Who's been snopperink in my woodootog? / words Allan Ahlberg ; pictures Jessica Ahlberg
Grandfather Tang's story : a tale told with tangrams  / Ann Tompert, illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker
Groundhog's burrow / by Dee Phillips
Grouping words : sentences / Anita Ganeri
Hackers and hacking : a reference handbook / Thomas J. Holt and Bernadette H. Schell
Half you heard of fractions? / by Thomas K. and Heather Adamson
Handbook of automotive engineering / edited by Hans-Hermann Braess and Ulrich Seiffert trans…
Hands are for holding : the sense of touch / Katherine Hengel
How are rain, snow, and hail alike? / by Ellen Lawrence
Humpback whale migration / by L. E. Carmichael
I have an olive tree / by Eve Bunting   illustrated by Karen Barbour
Iceberg right ahead! the tragedy of the Titanic / by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson
The Insomniacs / Karina Wolf   illustrated by The Brothers Hilts [i.e. Sean and Ben Hilts]
Ireland's Magdalen laundries and the nation's architecture of containment / James M. Smith
Is graduate school really for you? : the whos, whats, hows, and whys of pursuing a master's or Ph.D. / Amanda I. Seligman
It's all about me-ow : a young cat's guide to the good life / written and illustrated by Hudson Talbott
Job 1-21 : interpretation and commentary / C.L. Seow
Joining words : conjunctions / Anita Ganeri
Joyland / by Stephen King
English Son of a gun / Anne de Graaf
Landlording : a handymanual for scrupulous landlords and landladies who do it themselves / written by Leigh Robinson ; illustrated by David Patton ... [et al.]
Life everlasting : the animal way of death / Bernd Heinrich
Lulu and the duck in the park / Hilary McKay   illustrated by Priscilla Lamont
The map as art : contemporary artists explore cartography / Katharine Harmon with essays by Gayle Clemens
Mastering precepting : a nurse's handbook for success / [edited by] Beth Tamplet Ulrich
The memory string / by Eve Bunting   pictures by Ted Rand
Mex-Cine : Mexican filmmaking, production, and consumption in the twenty-first century / Frederick Luis Aldama
Mexico : from the Olmecs to the Aztecs / Michael D. Coe & Rex Koontz
Military mental health care : a guide for service members, veterans, families, and community / Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott and Don Philpott
Milk! : life on a dairy farm / by Ruth Owen
Monarch butterfly migration / by Rebecca Hirsch
Moose / by Meryl Magby
Mosby's 2014 nursing drug reference / Linda Skidmore-Roth
Mouths are for smiling : the sense of taste / Katherine Hengel
Naked statistics : stripping the dread from the data / Charles Wheelan
The name of the nearest river : stories / Alex Taylor
Naming words : nouns and pronouns / Anita Ganeri
National Geographic Kids everything castles : capture these facts, photos, and fun to be king of the castle! / by Crispin Boyer
The new digital scholar : exploring and enriching the research and writing practices of NextGen students / edited by Randall McClure and James P. Purdy
Night tree / Eve Bunting   illustrated by Ted Rand
Nitrenes and nitrenium ions / edited by Daniel E. Falvey, Anna D. Gudmundsdottir
Noses are for picking : the sense of smell / Katherine Hengel
On a bike / by Robert M. Hamilton
On a boat / by Robert M. Hamilton
On a bus / Robert M. Hamilton
On a plane / by Robert M. Hamilton   [editor, Katie Kawa]
On a train / Robert M. Hamilton
On Sal Mal Lane : a novel / Ru Freeman
Organic spectroscopy workbook / T. Forrest, J-P. Rabine, M. Rouillard
La oveja / Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones], Mercè Canals
Pagan family values : childhood and the religious imagination in contemporary American paganism / S. Zohreh Kermani
Pharmacoepidemiology / edited by Brian L. Strom, Stephen E. Kimmel, Sean Hennessy
Poems. Selections. 2013 Collected poems 1952-1993 / W.S. Merwin   J.D. McClatchy, editor
Poems. Selections. 2013 Collected poems 1996-2011 / W.S. Merwin.   J.D. McClatchy, editor
Prairie dogs / Meryl Magby
Prairie dog's hideaway / by Dee Phillips
Properties of concrete / A.M. Neville
Punctuation : commas, periods, and question marks / Anita Ganeri
Same and different
The Schmutzy Family / by Madelyn Rosenberg   illustrated by Paul Meisel
Seeing satire in the eighteenth century / edited by Elizabeth C. Mansfield and Kelly Malone
Senses are for everything: the five senses / Katherine Hengel
The Shema in the mezuzah : listening to each other / Sandy Eisenberg Sasso Illustrations by Joani Keller Rothenberg
Sports and society / Scott Witmer
Sportsmanship / Nick Hunter
Student study guide : solutions manual to accompany organic chemistry / prepared by Janice Gorzynski Smith, Erin R. Smith Berk
Tango : sex and rhythm of the city / Mike Gonzalez and Marianella Yanes
Terrible things : an allegory of the Holocaust / Eve Bunting   illustrated by Stephen Gammell
Theological reflection and the pursuit of ideals : theology, human flourishing and freedom / edited by David Jasper, University of Glasgow, and Dale Wright, Occidental College, Los Angeles, USA, with Maria Antonaccio and William Schweiker
El tigre / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Jordi Sales
Too tall houses / Gianna Marino
The town mouse and the country mouse : an Aesop fable / retold & illustrated by Helen Ward
Train to Somewhere / by Eve Bunting   illustrated by Ronald Himler
Twelve kinds of ice / by Ellen Bryan Obed   illustrated by Barbara McClintock
2, 4, skip count some more / by Thomas K. and Heather Adamson
Undercover reporting : the truth about deception / Brooke Kroeger   foreword by Pete Hamill
Universal principles of design : 125 ways to enhance usability, influence perception, increase appeal, make better design decisions, and teach through design / William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler ; [foreword by Kimberly Elam]
La vaca / [texto,] Montse Ganges   [ilustraciones,] Mercè canals
The waiting wall / by Leah Braunstein-Levy   illustrated by Avi Katz
The War of 1812 : writings from America's second war of independence / Donald R. Hickey, editor
We are all completely beside ourselves / Karen Joy Fowler
What are clouds? / by Ellen Lawrence
What is climate? / by Ellen Lawrence
What is the water cycle? / by Ellen Lawrence
What is weather? / by Ellen Lawrence
What's in your chicken nugget? / Jaclyn Sullivan
What's in your hamburger? / Jaclyn Sullivan
What's in your hot dog? / Jaclyn Sullivan
What's in your macaroni and cheese? / Jaclyn Sullivan
What's in your pizza? / Jaclyn Sullivan
What's in your soda? / Jaclyn Sullivan
White fur flying / Patricia MacLachlan
The whole story of climate : what science reveals about the nature of endless change / E. Kirsten Peters
The woman upstairs : a novel / Claire Messud
Women's works / edited by Donald W. Foster
Fernando Botero : celebración = celebration / de los textos, Fernando Botero, Lina Botero, Mario Vargas Llosa
Writing in the biological sciences : a comprehensive resource for scientific communication / Angelika H. Hofmann, Ph. D., Yale University
Writing the Revolution : a French woman's history in letters / Lindsay A.H. Parker
Zealot : the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth  / Reza Aslan
Zombie makers : true stories of nature's undead / Rebecca L. Johnson
Zoom it : invent new machines that move / by Tammy Enz   project consultant, Daniel Enz

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