Sunday, December 9, 2012

Today is...the Birth Anniversary of Clarence Birdseye

Today is the birth anniversary of Clarence Birdseye. He was born on December 9, 1886 in Brooklyn, NY.

Clarence Birdseye was an inventor, entrepreneur and naturalist, considered to be the founder of the modern frozen food industry.

Birdseye solved the problem that previous frozen food had of leaking fluids upon thawing. He froze things are a lower temperature so smaller ice crystals formed, causing less damage to the tissue structure.

In 1924, after having his first company go bankrupt, Birdseye created a new commercial product for quick-freezing of fish. His company was called General Seafood Corporation.

In 1929 he sold his company and patents for $22 to Goldman Sachs and the Postum Company, which eventually became General Foods Corporation, which founded Birds Eye Frozen Food Company.

Birds Eye started selling food in retails store in 1930, starting with just 18 stores in and around Springfield Massachusetts.

The first line of food contained 26 products, including 18 cuts of frozen meat, spinach and peas, a variety of fruits, blue point oysters, and fish fillets.

Birds Eye is now an international frozen food brand.

What is your favorite frozen food?

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