Tuesday, December 11, 2007

From the OhioLINK Update Newsletter - Fall 2007

New Digital Videos Cover Global Warming, Childhood Development, the Writing Process and More OhioLINK’s Educational Films & Documentaries collection offers more than 2,000 digital, educational videos that you can stream or download from your desktop to show in class, link to from course pages and utilize for research. The new videos cover a variety of subjects including architecture, literature, psychology, science and social studies. Some of the newest digital videos include:
Acutely Anxious (Biological Mind series)
Introduction to Spanish Literature (Glories of Spanish Literature series)
Green Building and Design (Ethical Markets series)
How We Study Children: Observation and Experimentation (Childhood Development series)
Introduction to Designing Experiments (Research Methods in the Social Sciences series)
The Last Neandertal: Competing Theories of Human Origins Moyers on America: Capitol Crimes (Moyers on America series) 
Power and Leadership (War of the Sexes series) 
The State of World Population Report (The Aging Game Series)
Too Hot Not to Handle: Winning the Battle against Global Warming The Writing Process: Research (Writing Lessons series) Educational Films & Documentaries collection 
is available to all students, faculty members and staff at OhioLINK member institutions. The videos are available for viewing and downloading (for temporary storage only) from on or off campus. Free software from RealNetworks is needed to view these videos. The current version of this software, called "RealPlayer," is available.

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