Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Global Marketing Information Database (GMID)

Global Marketing Information Database (GMID) is now available from the Heterick Reference Resources – Business page Or from the Alphabetical Listing of Databases – G
GMID provides historical statistics, forecasts, and analysis on countries, consumers, major corporate competitors, and industries within national or regional markets.
Industry coverage is mostly for consumer products and services but also includes those for industrial products in the chemicals, electronics, and industrial machinery sectors.
The types of materials covered include:
  • Compilations of economic, demographic, and market statistical data and forecasts
  • Industry market reports,
  • Consumer lifestyle reports
  • Country fact files, and company profiles.
Several search options are available including:
  • Subject/ topic
  • Industries
  • Countries - Reports and Comment for up to 205 countries
  • Consumers - Quick access to Statistics, Reports and Comment on Consumers for up to 71 countries
  • Companies
  • Geographies - Consolidates all Industry, Country and Consumer information for each Country and Region in your subscription
Content is provided by Euromonitor International Inc.

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